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September 21-22, 2018




- MRI diagnostics of the cartilage damage: modern view, difficult diagnosis, planning of the surgical treatment -

- Modern approach of the OA treatment, new understanding of the mesenchymal cells physiology -

- Microfracture vs AMIC; development of ACI technology (1-4 generation); role of MSC -

- Ligament balance – protection from cartilage damage (ACL, ALL) -

- The role of meniscal damage in OA development: suturing, resection or conservative treatment? Meniscus transplantation -

- Combined damages: meniscus + cartilage damage, meniscus + ACL, ACL + collateral + anterolateral + … tactics -

- Medial arthritis – osteotomy + meniscus transplantation, one-sided prosthetics -

- Patellofemoral arthritis: MPFL, tuberosity transposition, ACL scaffold -


- Osteonecrosis: modern view of the pathogenesis and treatment -

- Generalized and local osteoporosis, modern conception of the bone metabolism processes -

- Bone mass loosening during revision total hip arthroplasty, methods of solving the problem -

- Acetabular reconstruction using the individual titanium implants (3D print) -

- Using of bone transplants (allo-, auto-, 3D print) for bone defect filling -

- Modern opportunities of autologous bone transplants creation -

- Total knee arthroplasty in condition of bone mass deficiency -




Tomasz Piontek (Poznan, Poland)



Elizaveta Kon
Secretary General of International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS)
(Milano, Italy)

Christoph Erggelet
Professor for Orthopaedic Surgery University of Freiburg
(Freiburg, Germany)

Tomasz Piontek
Rehasport Clinic
(Poznan, Poland)

Peter Angele
Professor of Regenerative joint therapy, Director of FIFA centre of excellence Regensburg Clinic, University Hospital Regensburg
(Regensburg, Germany)

Maria Teresa Pereira Ruiz
Sport Rehabilitation Doctor, ISOKINETIC sport medicine center
(Milan, Italy)

Wolf Drescher
President of ARCO (International society for osteonecrosis of the femoral head)
(Berlin, Germany)

Massimo Berruto
Chiar of Department of Knee Surgery ASST-Pini-CTO Orthopaedic Hospital
(Milan, Italy)

Daisuke Chiba
Assistant Professor  Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Tohoku University School of Medicine, Hip group, MD, PhD
(Sendai, Japan)

Masayuki Kamimura
Assistant Professor Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Tohoku University School of Medicine, knee group, MD, PhD
(Sendai, Japan)

Reiner Schnettler
Director of Clinic of casualty surgery, Prof.
(Giessen, Germany)



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Russian Academy of Sciences

Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FASO)

Association of Trauma and Orthopedic Surgeons of the Russian Federation

Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University

RUDN University

International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS)

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